Adjustment Policy for Leaks

Please read the following before submitting a request for an adjustment to your bill for a leak. The Adjustment Request form is available for download via a link at the bottom of this page.

1.       The need to adjust a utility bill may be evident by a customer complaint of excessive billing or evidence of leakage on the customer side of the meter.  To qualify for a leak adjustment, the water usage must be at least 1500 cubic feet and 100 percent above the average monthly usage.  Average monthly usage is defined as the average normal consumption for the prior three months.

2.       It is the customerís responsibility to keep his plumbing system in good working order.

3.       Only one leak adjustment per customer per year (12 months of the customerís payment history) is allowed.

4.       The Utility will first determine that the meter is read properly.  If an investigation of the meter and meter records establishes that the meter was misread or that there was a failure of utility equipment, a new bill will be issued using an estimated reading based on an average of the past 12 months billings for this period.  There will be no penalty assessed in the event the adjustment procedure delays payment past the penalty date.

5.       If an investigation of the meter and meter record establishes that the meter was properly read and that there was no failure of utility equipment, the bill will remain valid and payable.

6.       If the customer questions the accuracy of the meter, he may pay the utility bill in question plus a testing deposit at a rate to be set by the Commissioners from time to time.  The Utility will remove the meter and ship it to the manufacturer or have a recognized meter testing company test the meter on site.  The Utility will pay all costs associated with the testing of the meter.

If the meter proves to be accurate within guideline established for used meters by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), it is deemed to be accurate.  If the meter tests accurate, the customer forfeits the meter testing deposit.  If the meter does not meet AWWA accuracy standards, the Utility shall refund the meter testing deposit to the customer and repair or replace the meter.

7.       If an adjustment of the customerís bill is warranted, the amount of the bill will be determined based on an average for the billing period for the last 12 months billing plus one-half of the overage.  The Utility shall collect the average water bill and 50 percent of the excess water charges.

8.       To be adjusted, the leak must be readily evident to a reasonable person (such as leaks that are underground, within walls, or under floors) or the leak must occur while occupants are away from the premises.

9.       Adjustments on water bills will NOT be made on the following:

a. Routine dripping faucets, leaking commodes, or any type of faulty customer plumbing;

b. Premises left or abandoned without reasonable care for the plumbing system;

c. More than one occurrence per customer year;

d. Filling of swimming pools; and

e. Watering of lawns or gardens.

10.     The Utility shall not be obligated to make adjustments of any bills not contested within ninety (90) days from the billing date.  An adjustment can only be made on the billing for a one month period.  In the event the leak extends into a second billing period, the higher bill of the two months can be adjusted.

11.     The Utility shall be under no obligation to extend the discount or due date or the time for paying the bills because the customer disputes the amount of the bill.

12.     All requests for billing adjustments must be received by phone, in writing or in person at the Utility business office during regular business hours. A written form must be completed for each adjustment stating the necessary information about the leak and verifying the leak repair. Form letters are furnished by the Utility.

The manager or his designee shall file a written report of the customer billing adjustment and the action of the staff regarding the adjustment.

Water Leak Adjustment Form

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